Battery Powered Vacuum For Industrial Use

Rhino Industrial Power is proud to introduce the battery powered industrial vacuum from RGS UK.

This professional industrial vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed for cleaning in areas where cables trailing on the floor are not acceptable or for areas without an available mains supply.

Following years of experience in the cleaning industry and from listening to customer feedback, we have developed a machine that can be used in areas unsuitable for mains vacuums.

The battery powered vacuum main features include:

  • 3 x 24v high CFM motors producing a total of 242 cfm
  • Independent switch for each motor
  • Vacuum meter and battery indicator
  • Top mounted manual filter shaker
  • Fitted with star filter as standard
  • Triple ridged filter chamber for extra strength
  • 65lt bin with quick release
  • Stainless steel bin option
  • Quick inlet 70mm for the easy connection of the accessories, made of cast aluminium
  • Braked casters
  • Easily converted to fixed floor tool option
  • Battery pack options available
  • Absolute filter option
Battery powered vacuum cleaner
*Fixed floor tool optional extra


  • Absolute filter kit including HEPA class H14 filter and fixing bracket
  • Grill and depressor kit to collect material into a rubbish bag
  • Fixed floor nozzle kit including all brackets and supports
  • Removable cyclone plate
  • Batteries : Gel 110 Ah or lead acid tubular plate 120Ah
  • Polyester star filter cat L and M
  • Polyester star filter cat L and M for high temperatures up to 200 deg C
  • Polyester star filter cat L and M antistatic
  • Polyester star filter with PTFE coating
  • Absolute filter class H14 efficiency 99.99% M.P.P.S
  • Standard or anti static hose in 40mm or 50mm
  • Crevice tool 40mm or 50mm
  • Round brush 40mm or 50mm
  • Extension tubes 40mm or 50mm
  • Floor tool 40mm or 50mm

Technical Data

Voltage 24V DC
Power 1440 W
Depression max 120 mbar
Max air flow 242 CFM
Primary filter surface 1.90 m2
Absolute filter surface 2.20 m2
Avectainer capacity 65 lt
Product inlet 70 mm
Noise level 70 Dba
Overall dimensions 80 x 68 x 138 h cm
Weight with batteries 126 kg
Protection - IP

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Battery Vac Cleaner